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The Hosts

Justin Gagnon and Tom Nolle have been friends for about a decade. They realized the longest & best conversations of their day wound up being all about sports. Sure, they would talk about their lives, jobs, bands, and all of that boring stuff, but their favorite topic was talking smack about the sporting world.

After Tommy snagged some equipment, he traveled out to Oxnard, California to meet Shwaggers for some drinks, some jokes, and a brand new podcast. Initially entitled the "Let's Talk S*** Sports Podcast," they decided it would be better to keep the swearing in the title (and sometimes in the episodes) to a minimum.

Great podcast with _just_gagnon ! On The

Justin "Shwaggers" Gagnon

Tom "Tommy"



Justin is a legendary slap bass player, a brand new husky owner, a broadcast engineer at Fox Sports, and if you somehow couldn't tell, he's from Boston, Mass. He's known for his hilarious commentary, large quantity of tattoos, and overall good reads on current sports events.

Tommy is a video editor at The Late Late Show with James Corden, and a proud orange tabby owner. He spends his free time making music on keyboards and saxophone, and trying not to get into too much trouble by talking too much smack. Also, he's from Chicago, livin' in Reseda.

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